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What's the story?

On 19 May, 2021, Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, froze. As a result, the trading accounts of numerous traders were unable to close out their postions. At the same time, the markets were turning red, resulting in significant losses.

Many affected traders tried to contact Binance for support and compensation, but with no success. With the help of funding from Liti Capital SA the Steering Committee set out to help Binance trader who lost money due to the freeze by pursuing legal action. 

Key points:
Traders have tried to contact Binance for support and compensation but have been unsuccessful.
Binance will only allow hearings to take place at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre at a cost of at least $65,000 per applicant.
Liti Capital SA is spearheading and funding an arbitration lawsuit on behalf of the traders who lost money.
 Who is liti capital?
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Claimants in the Binance case are under no obligation to pay anything at any time during the court process, regardless of the outcome.

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