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The official website of the Steering Committee for the Binance Claim
If you lost money, either fiat or cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange due to their trading system freezing, please sign up to bring your claim.
Bin Case Form (Multi-Step)

You are eligible to join our legal action if:

You traded any of the following financial derivative product areas ON MAY 19, 2021

a- Binance Leveraged Tokens (DOWN Token)
b- Binance Leveraged Tokens (UP Token)
c- Binance Futures Market Platform(s)

applicant conditions

Category 1: Free Claimant

a-An investor whom incurred losses who either:

(i) has never filed an investment compensation from Binance,
(ii) or has rejected the final offer or all offers of compensation provided by Binance
(iii) or has NOT signed any form of non-disclosure agreement regarding the investment loss in dispute.

Category 2: Conditional Claimant

b- An investor whom incurred losses who has, under any condition, proceeded to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the compensation offer in dispute OR has proceeded to accept an offer of compensation of the investment loss in dispute.

Category 3: Alternative Claimant
c- Any other interested investor/claimant whom do not fall explicitly within the first (1) and second (2) claimant categories.

Exceptions and Exemptive Conditions:

a-Investors whom have, under condition, signed a non-disclosure agreement for the investment loss in dispute of a specified occasion are NOT exempted from applying (are allowed to apply) for our legal action for alternative occasions of investment loss in dispute as a free claimant. Therefore, these investors (claimants) may be eligibile for more than one (1) category of eligibility.

b-Investors whom required the explicit usage of a Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) to access and trade any Binance product or service and incurred resulting damages within the trading occasion (date accessed) may be eligible under the Alternative Claimant category (Category 3)